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House for Sale in Near Byala, Ruse, Bulgaria - PID: 13025

Bulgarian rural village house

2000 plus sq.m. Land - secluded house with stone barns 5 minutes walk to village. All services - for quick sale.

  • Bulgarian rural village house

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About the Listing

Type of Property:House

Number of Properties: 2

Submitted: Nov 4, 2013 (Edited Feb 6, 2014). 2081 days old.

Dryanovets Village
Near Byala, Ruse 7122
Phone Number: +60146500260

Expiration: Nov 4, 2014. -1716 days from now.

Views: 208 views. Averaging 0 views per day.

About the Submitter

Submitted by: Andrew Davies

Registration Date: Mar 12, 2013

Listings Submitted: 2 listings, with 11131 views

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