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How to get driving directions by GoogleMaps

The Red Droplet

For driving directions to or from a property listing location click on the Red Droplet which appears over that place on Google Map. A window will pop up where you can enter either destination or departure address. Simply click on "Directions from" and enter your departure address to get driving directions from your departure point to the Red Droplet, or on " Directions to" and enter your destination address to get driving directions from the Red Droplet to your destination, then hit "Go". Your route will be traced on the map and driving directions will appear right below. Have a safe journey!

Hint 1: If you don'r have a full address of departure or destination you may enter just the city or village name or just the street name and city or village. Example: mystreet, myciry.

Hint 2: "From" and "To" directions are not always the same. There are highways and multilane roads involved as well as roundabouts and oneway streets. Check to make sure you have chosen "To" and "From" correctly.

Hint 3: If you are using a GPS navigator with a detailed map of the simply get latitude and longitude coordinates on same page (a few lines below the map) enter them on your GPS and off you go!